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Citrine Art Consultants is an international, individually tailored art consulting firm specializing in 20th and 21st century modern and contemporary art. We provide comprehensive art consulting services to private collectors, businesses, and interior design clients. 


Whether you’re looking to establish, expand, or diversify your existing collection, our team can help you realize both cultural and financial opportunities. 


Gonzalo Hernandez’s multi-faceted art practice addresses personal narratives related to contemporary dilemmas like labor, success and failure, the art world, and identity. Culling from autobiographical circumstances, his installation, sculpture, painting, photography, and film are highly particular to his perspective as an immigrant, while also addressing broader cultural associations.


From the mounds of cardboard found on the factory floors of past employment which become relief sculptures, to the shopping lists quickly scribbled onto his hand and photographed on his iPhone, the artist finds truth and meaning in the overlooked. Daily encounters with text, language and material become fodder for symbolic interpretations.

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Born in Montevideo, Isabel Turban lives and works in New York. Turban's abstract paintings are inspired by migration and transformation and are the result of the artist's personal experiences as an immigrant herself. Her work invites the viewers to embark on their own journey and get lost revisiting places that may no longer be there, returning to them with novelty. Transfers of maps are the initial steps of her work; several spontaneous layers of painting and drawing complete each piece. 

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