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meet Ashley

With over a decade of experience in art auctions in both the Philadelphia and New York markets, Ashley Spodek has a deep understanding of current art market trends. Her time at Freeman's Auctions, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Paddle8 has provided her the opportunity to create a network of artists, makers, gallerists, and collectors.


She is a founding team member of Her Clique, a platform that celebrates women artists, makes art more accessible and fundraises for aligned nonprofit organizations. She is passionate about supporting BIPOC and female artists, and has a keen eye for discovering new and emerging contemporary talent.


Ashley drives to make the art world more accessible and transparent. Taking a holistic approach to the art world, she wants her clients to feel engaged with their collections, and loves to forge a connection between her clients and artists. She believes that the artwork we acquire should be both collectable and meaningful.

Ashley is a member of the Brooklyn Museum, the New Museum, and the Whitney Museum of Art.


Jessica Lichtenstein is a multi-disciplinary artist from New York whose artworks range from digital prints, gold/silver leaf canvases, concrete sculptures, and most recently NFTs. Her works focus predominantly on issues of femininity, sexuality, fragility, and the emotions that blur those lines. She is best known for her large-scale digital scenes of forests, whereupon closer inspection the viewer encounters a world composed of women almost in a pointillistic fashion. Most recently she has been creating concrete hearts, embedded with thousands of engraved lockets and watches, the wall sculpture itself reminiscent of a nostalgic locket bursting with thoughts, emotions, fears, poetry, pornograpny, and life in general.

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Marisol Martinez is a Latina Abstract painter who paints through a meditative and spiritual process. She explores human behavior and emotion by the use of color and shapes as a language, the first language we all learn at the beginning stages of life. Her intention is to evoke the viewer's memory and emotion which will allow them to have their own personal experience with the work.

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